Friday, February 17, 2017

Who Killed Emmett Till? Black History Program at BEST Academy

Who Killed Emmett Till?  Black History Program at BEST Academy  

The program tour theme: The Power of History: Turning Tragedy into Triumph

See below for a link to the first 7 mins of the documentary on YouTube.
Who Killed Emmett Till?

How can you host or sponsor a a viewing the powerful Documentary, WHO KILLED EMMETT TILL? It is so easy. Here is how;

You, The host:
  • proposes a date of the viewing or program
  • provides the venue, Audio Visual
  • defines the program goals/objectives and expected outcomes
  • promotes the program
  • invites the students, staff, public or audience of your choice
  • direct all proceeds to the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation (ETLF) Scholarship fund, specific ETLF program or initiative
  • encourages staff, students and event audience to follow and like ETLF on social media.
The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation:
We look forward to working with you and being in your city soon!

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