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[September 23, 2007] Minneapolis, MN—Who many consider as one of the most profound crooners of R&B, Ann Nesby did more than win two Grammys, she spoke to the hearts of women.

Nesby is most remembered for her tenure with the perennial Sounds of Blackness, a thirty-person choir that juxtaposed African music with traditional urban soul. As the lead vocalist for the choir, Sounds of Blackness lived on the Billboard charts with top five hits like “Optimistic” and “Pressure pt. 1.”

Branching off a tad, but staying true to her musical roots, in 2003, we saw Nesby grace the big screen in the musical comedy, The Fighting Temptations, with lead actors Beyonce Knowles and Cuba Gooding Jr. The soundtrack to the film was nominated for a Grammy, as Nesby and Gospel singer Shirley Caesar collaborated on “The Stone.”

She will be releasing her highly anticipated inspirational soul album "This Is Love" September 25, 2007.

Ann Nesby will be performing at the opening night concert on October 12, 2007 to help kick off the second annual Loving From The Inside Out (LFTIO) women’s empowerment symposium. This concert, hosted by Q Bear of KMOJ Radio will feature other artists like Zsame’ and Tonya Hughes with a tribute from the Grammy award winning Sounds of Blackness. The Loving From the Inside Out opening night concert is held in conjunction with a music tournament featuring Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Gospel, Reggae and Latin at Club 3 Degrees. All of the LFTIO activities planned by the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation in honor of the late Mamie Till Mobley are set to be one of the most life-changing weekends for women of color.

The symposium, hosted by Dawn Stevens of FOX 9 News, brings a diverse mix of women into an atmosphere of love, trust, and confidence. LFTIO helps women create and have the love, wealth, career, and ultimately the life they've always wanted and deserved. Women at the symposium will be inspired by the testimonies and advice from a host of personalities, who include the symposium Ambassador from the Minnesota Lynx, Lindsey Harding and keynote speaker Kelci Stringer along with presenters; Rev. Denise Warren, Dr. Verna Price, Dr. Mary Owens, Frangena Johnson and Miss Minnesota International Danielle Epps, among others. The “Woman Of Courage” award recipients and panelists include, Sen. Patricia Torres Ray, business owner Hyon Kim, Donna Smith philanthropist and wife of Univ. of MN Basketball coach Tubby Smith and actress, playwright and recording artist Jevetta Steele.

A paid registration includes all three events and more, i.e. October 12, 2007 at 5 p.m. Pampering Party at Lifetime Fitness, Opening Night Concert at Club 3 Degrees, starting promptly at 7 p.m. with a private VIP post reception held at Bellanote and the October 13, Symposium, Market Place, Luncheon and panel at Radisson Plaza Hotel starting at 8 a.m. in Downtown Minneapolis. Early registration is only $55 and a 2 for 1 special price at $70 is offered through Sept.30; afterwards registration is $70 for each attendee. (NOW EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 6, 2007)

Special hotel room rates are available for $109, call 1 800 333-3333. For registration and exhibitor forms, please visit . For more information regarding the symposium, please contact, or phone the “Loving” hotline at 1-888-509-9614 ext 82.

Loving From the Inside Out Women's Empowerment Symposium Oct 12-13, 2007

For Immediate release

Media Contact:

Felecia Flair!
Felecia Flair PR
o 1800.660.6928 x100/ Loving Hotline 1 888 509 9614 x82
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Loving From The Inside Out Women's Symposium set to be the most life changing event of the year!
Women's empowerment symposium goes beyond superficial beauty to change the lives of Women

Minneapolis, MN--September 17, 2007 Bring together over 300 women, sessions on tapping into your power, finding your hidden treasures, surviving abuse and broken relationships, exploring ways to love your self, building a strong spiritual foundation, self exploration, health topics and phenomenal guest speakers and you have the recipe for the most life changing Women's Symposium of the year.

The 2nd Annual Loving from the Inside Out (LFTIO) Symposium is a weekend event on October 12-13th 2007 that brings women together in an atmosphere of confidence, and trust to show them how to change their lives, to become stronger, healthier women by using experts and seminars covering many of the issues facing
women of color. Loving from the Inside Out" is intended to help women create and have the love, wealth, health, career and the life they want and deserve! It's their turn and it's their time!

The symposium is produced by the Board members of the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation along with a group of talented volunteers called the Circle of Women. Throughout the weekend the attendees will be challenged by Spokesperson WNBA All Rookie team star, Lindsey Harding of the Minnesota Lynx and Host Dawn Stevens from Fox9 News to connect power up, recharge, grow, find love and leave enriched. This life changing weekend begins with a pampering party at Lifetime Fitness, 600 First Ave. North, on the evening of October 12, with fitness demonstrations, a variety of pampering stations with Dr. Sharon Adams a beauty expert and medical doctor, Jocelyn Dawson a makeup expert, hair consultations by Lights, Camera, Action, with makeovers and massages. The evening will conclude with an opening night concert featuring, national Grammy Award winning recording artist ANN NESBY along with other artists with a special tribute to the attendees by the Sounds of Blackness at Club 3 Degrees. The full day symposium on October 13 is set to take place at the Radisson Plaza Hotel in Downtown Minneapolis, 35 South Seventh Street. The powerfully engaging presenters are: Rev. Denise Warren, motivational speaker Frangena Johnson, medical doctor Dr. Mary Owens, author, motivational speaker and Coach Dr. Verna Price, and Fitness Expert Sheila St. James. An inspiring panel will include Sen. Patricia Torres Ray, Kelci Stringer a philanthropist, community builder and widow of Viking football player Korey Stringer, business owner and former U of M board of Regents Hyon Kim who will be sharing there very own "Wisdom from my Journey" moments during the awards luncheon. Miss Minnesota International, Danielle Epps along with Minnesota Lynx WNBA player, Lindsey Harding and Danni Starr of B96 will host a youth session with a discussion on image, relationships and health. Author and motivational speaker, Deborah Watts joined with event sponsors will close out the symposium with a special presentation.

Women today have to juggle work, business and family life, with most not having enough time to take care of them selves. The LFTIO symposium will give women the tools and confidence they need to take the band aid off of their issues and find real solutions. "Women are the backbones of their families and communities, and if they are not thriving in a healthy way (physically, emotionally and spiritually), it will begin to take a toll on their bodies, mindset, well being and ultimately their families, and their lives. We want to give women an opportunity to recharge and to remind her how important it is to love herself from the inside out first, putting her in the best position to help herself and bring out the best in others! " said Event Director and Emmett Till Legacy Foundation board president, Deborah Watts.

The symposium, Woman of Courage awards, lunch and panel are in memory and honor of the late Mamie Till Mobley, mother of Emmett Till (a 14 year old young man who was brutally murdered for whistling at a white women in 1955). Her courageous and unselfish decision to hold an open casket funeral, helped to spark the modern civil rights movement. Her life's journey and her continued efforts to seek justice after the acquittal of the murders showed the world grace, unnatural strength, the power of forgiveness and what Loving From the Inside Out, is all about

Early registration is $55 through September 30 afterwards registration is $70. A Sister 2 Sister 2 for 1 price is available too. Exhibitor/Vendor spaces ($175 for small business vendors with 1-5 employees or $350 for medium to large businesses and corporations) are also available. Need registration forms? Go to or ask at popular venues in the twincities. For more information email: or call the "Loving" Hotline at 1-888-509-9614 ext 82.

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We can't celebrate the triumphs without recognizing the tragedy

Celerity Nascent Management's decision to ban the Emmett Till poem won’t diminish Emmett's stature in American history. His murder had enormous historical significance and impact. For one, it energized the modern day civil rights movement, months before Rosa Parks decided to not give up her seat on that bus in Montgomery Alabama. Emmett's murder had an enormous impact on African-American parents, young people and on American culture in general:
The murder of Emmett Till was felt deeply by African-Americans, civil rights activists and many others. Artistic works drawing on the incident include the first play by Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, poems by Gwendolyn Brooks Langston Hughes, , and Audre Lorde, and a song by Bob Dylan called “The Death of Emmett Till.”

The James Baldwin play “Blues for Mister Charlie” is loosely based on the Emmett Till murder case. Well known legend and boxer Muhammad Ali, 13 years old at the time of the murder, said in an interview that the news of the Till murder had a profound effect on him and how he viewed his place in society and whites.

The 1990’s Alternative Rock band Emmet Swimming is named after Emmett Till. According to the band, “the idea of the name was basically that a 14-year-old boy should be swimming in the river, not dying in it.”

Other more recent fictionalized accounts include two award-winning novels: Bebe Moore Campbell’s Your Blues Ain’t Like Mine (1992) and Lewis Nordan’s Wolf Whistle (1993). The 2003 rap song “Through the Wire” by Kanye West uses the image of Till’s mutilated face to remind others of his physical appearance after a near-fatal car accident, demonstrating that after fifty plus years the murder is still firmly etched in our memory and American history.

We should never forget! We should indeed celebrate the triumphs but we cannot do that without remembering the tragedy. However uncomfortable...Emmett's case and this part of our history will not be erased!

Teachers Fired over Emmett Till Poem

In March it was reported that two teachers have been fired from a Los Angeles charter school because they planned to have students read a poem about Emmett Till. Till was the 14-year-old black youth lynched 57 years ago in Mississippi for allegedly whistling at a white woman.

Administrators at a Los Angeles charter school forbade students from reciting a poem about civil rights icon Emmett Till during a Black History Month program recently, saying his story was unsuitable for an assembly of young children.

Teachers and students said the administration suggested that the Till case — in which the teenager was beaten to death in Mississippi after allegedly whistling at a white woman — was not fitting for a program intended to be celebratory, and that Till's actions could be viewed as sexual harassment.

The decision by Celerity Nascent Charter School leaders roiled the southwest Los Angeles campus and led to the firing of seventh-grade teacher Marisol Alba and math teacher Sean Strauss, who had signed one of several letters of protest written by the students.

The incident highlights the tenuous job security for mostly nonunion teachers in charter schools, which are publicly financed but independently run. California has more than 600 charter schools, and their ranks continue to swell. According to the California Teachers Assn., staff at fewer than 10% of charter schools are represented by unions.

"I never thought it would come to this," said Alba, who helped her students prepare the Till presentation, in which they were going to read a poem and lay flowers in a circle. "I thought the most that would happen to me [after the event was canceled] is that I'd get talked to and it would be turned into a learning and teaching experience."

"Our whole goal is how do we get these kids to not look at all of the bad things that could happen to them and instead focus on the process of how do we become the next surgeon or the next politician," said Celerity co-founder and Executive Director Vielka McFarlane. "We don't want to focus on how the history of the country has been checkered but on how do we dress for success, walk proud and celebrate all the accomplishments we've made."

McFarlane said details of the Till case were too graphic for an assembly that included kindergartners. The principal, Grace Canada, could not be reached for comment. McFarlane, speaking for the school, said her review of the incident did not support the teachers' allegations that Canada had used the term sexual harassment to describe Till's behavior.

But Alba said that when the principal informed the class that they could not recite their poem, she gave the example of a construction worker whistling at her as she walked down the street.
"She said that she would be offended by that and that what Emmett Till did could be considered sexual harassment," said Alba. "She used the phrase a couple of times and when I objected, she said 'OK, inappropriately whistled at a woman.' "

Many parents said their children affirmed that account. Marcia Alston, mother of a seventh-grader, called the school to say she was appalled at its interpretation of history and the treatment of the teachers. She said that in the conversation, the principal used the term "rude" to describe Till's actions.

How should black history be taught in schools?

What are your thoughts?

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The Youth Rally attendees are being encouraged to respond to a simple pre-rally survey. See questions below.

Hear My Voice! Are you Listening?.............


Please respond to the following questions:

Q: What are the 3 most pressing issues facing you right now?

Q: What, if anything, do you plan to do about it?

Q: What do you think the future holds for you? next 3-5 years? next 5-10 years

Q: What and/or Who do you need to make it all happen?

Q: Are you registered to vote? yes_____ or no_____
if not , why?_____________________________________________

Please provide your:
first name
city, state, zip
current year in school
highest educational level achieved
name of employer/organization
email address.
copyright 2007 ETLF

Please send your answers no later than April 19th to: to qualify for a free gift.

Emmett Till Legacy Foundation is a 501c3 non profit organization. Send or mail your tax deductible contributions to our Minnesota address:
Emmett TillLegacy Foundation
1161 Wayzata Blvd. East Suite 43
Minneapolis, MN 55391
763 476 8677 MN location

Youth Rally April 21 in Memory of Emmett Till

For Immediate Release

Media contact:
Teri Watts
The Imani James group
1 888 509 9614 x80 hot line

All Youth are invited to let their voices be heard at unique rally
on the North side of Minneapolis!

[April 17, 2007, Minneapolis, MN] The Hip Hop, Faith Based, Political, Non Profit, Health Care, Education, Entertainment Communities, along with Public Officials, Celebrities, plus elders are coming together April 21, 2007 from 12-2 p.m. for a powerful Youth Rally at North High School, 1500 James Ave. North, Mpls, MN !

This non partisan event is a call for those ages 14-35 to Let their voices be heard at the 2nd Annual, Hear My Voice! Are You Listening? Stop the Violence, Civic and Political Engagement and Voter registration rally in memory of Emmett Till!

Hosted by B-Right with Radio Ones' B 96, Sheletta Brundidge, Assignment Editor KSTP TV/5 Eyewitness News and comedian. Dynamic speakers to raise the roof, include David Pederson from the MN Hip Hop Caucus, Ronnique Hawkins, film maker and founder of the Anti Lynching Movement from New York, Rev. Otis Clark, Youth pastor from Progressive Baptist Church, Saciido Shaie, a White House project/GO RUN! participant and board member of Somali Family Services, Pakou Hang former field director for the Minnesota chapter of America Votes and candidate for St. Paul City Council, Danielle Epps, Miss Minnesota International 2007, Giselle Urgarte Miss Teen Minnesota International 2007, Thandisizwe Jackson-Nisan, North High Student & 2006 National Ideal Miss America Teen along with Congressman Keith Ellison who will provide the welcome.

Get ready.....the talented and gifted performers include Youth from the Minnesota Spoken Word Association, Dance teams from North and Harding High School, Gospel and Hip Hop Gospel from the Gospel Soul Productions, Hip Hop from DIALEK, Music by TraXX and more!

Fitness Queen Sheila St. James will be on hand to provide healthy fitness and eating tips.

Carl Eller ( MN Viking Hall of Fame), Trent Tucker ( Trent Tucker Foundation, former NBA player), Troy Hudson and other Timberwolves and LYNX Players, Fred Robbins former MN Viking now a NY Giant, Dr. Maulana Karenga (author and creator of Kwanzaa and Nguzo Saba, the seven principles and guest of the U of M's Swahili day), local, state and federal public officials, political candidates and community leaders have all been invited to attend.

A ceremony led by elders (ages 36 & older) to pass the baton to the next generation will close out the 2007 annual rally.

For more information, call the Hear My line 1 888 509 9614 or send an email to

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Youth Rally: April 21, 2007 Hear My Voice! Are You Listening?

For Immediate Release:

Media Contact
Teri Watts
The Imani James Group/ Emmett Till Legacy Foundation
763 476 8677

Hip Hop, Spoken Word, Faith, History and Youth do mix! Young People are coming together armed with hip hop and spoken word and more for a 2nd year to build a better future.

[Twin cities March 21, 2007] Young people are coming together armed with hip hop, spoken word and more for a 2nd year to hear how they can be involved civically and politically in order to build a better future for them selves

April 21, 2007
12-2 p.m.
North Senior High,
1500 James Ave. North, in Minneapolis
(event will be held in the Auditorium located in the building on the east side)

The 2nd Annual Youth Rally, Hear My Voice! Are You Listening? is happening again! it all takes place on April 21, 2007 from 12-2 p.m. The Location is North Senior High, 1500 James Ave. North, in Minneapolis. The event takes place in the auditorium located in the building on the eastside. Thanks to North Senior High school and the leadership of Principal, Michael Favors!
See below for the description for the 2007 Rally
***WHAT: Youth Civic Engagement & Voter Registration Rally with music, dance and spoken word:

Hear my Voice! Are You Listening? ( in memory of Emmett Till)

***WHEN: Sat, April 21, 2007, 12 p.m.-2 p.m. Doors open at 11:50

***WHERE: North Senior High School, 1500 James Ave. N. Minneapolis, MN, 55411 (612) 668-1700

***WHO: All youth, college students and young adults ages 14+, urban, suburban, multi-cultural, immigrant and under-represented youth across this state and the country!

CO HOST/MC: B-Wright of B 96 Radio One( additional MC's to be announced later)
FEATURING: Spoken Word, Hip Hop, Gospel, Holy Hip Hop,and dance representing a variety of cultures. There will be an important call to action from several dynamic young emerging leaders who will speak to the audience with empowering messages encouraging our youth to Stop the Violence. They will also stress the importance of voting and encourage more civic and political participation.
PURPOSE: Bridge the generation gap and engage youth of today in their future. We want to encourage civic and political engagement/ participation and leadership. We will include voter registration opportunities during the rally and musical. The event will involve youth (teen, college and young adults ages 14-35 target). The entertainment will include participation from a diverse mix of faith based communities and positive hip-hop performers and spoken word artists. The goal is to get urban, suburban, immigrant and under-represented youth across this state and the country engaged in upcoming elections and their future.

Congressman Keith Ellison will deliver the welcome message.
Other invited guests include , David Barr the Playwright of the Face of Emmett Till, Chris Benson, co author of The Death of Innocence, Keith Beauchamp, film maker " The Untold story of Emmett Till", The Minnesota Timberwolves, Vikings/Former Vikings, Twins and national recording artist, Bob Dylan, David Banner, Kayne West, Mint Condition are among others who will be announced later.
This event is set to be one of the largest and most effective efforts (youth empowerment, engagement, voter registration and civic leadership) in the country. A commitment to pass the baton to future generations will take place as well.

State Legislators and other Public Officials are invited to stop by to show their support.
No campaign speeches or signs will be allowed but political candidates are welcomed to attend.

This is a free non partisan gathering!
This is a great recruiting, marketing and outreach opportunity for those organizers who want to reach this audience (estimated 500+). Information booths will be available for a nominal fee. If you are interested, please let us know by sending an email to
Several community organizations are on board to lend their support to make this a success. The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation is joined by North Senior High (host school) and Inter-RACE along with the League of Women Voters, Harding High School, Minneapolis Urban League, Progressive Baptist Church Education Ministry, The White House Project, MN Spoken Word Association, Southside Community Health Services, Grace Media Network, Centro MN, Somali Action Alliance, David with the Hip Hop Caucus and more coming!
Contact the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation at 763 476 8677 or
Emmett for more information.

The Emmett Till Legacy Foundation is "creating a legacy of hope"
and is a 501c3 organization

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Justice Not Served today!

Thanks for the calls, prayers and recognition of the sense of defeat that this news brings. Justice was not served today!

As our cousin Simeon Wright was quoted as saying...
''J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant died with Emmett Till's blood on their hands. And it looks like everyone else who was involved is going to do the same. They had a chance to come clean. They will die with Emmett Till's blood on their hands.''

Unless justice is served...... America's system of justice also shares with having Emmett's Blood on their hands too! We have placed the value of a child's/young man's life at ZERO which translates to many of our policies that protect (not) , insure ( not) , educate ( not) , incarcerate ( increasingly) and continue to "lynch" our youth today... What a legacy to leave!

We want to know what America/ the world/ young people think about this.
If you have any thoughts...please share.

Our disappointment can only last for a moment. The work of the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation members, The Emmett Till Foundation, concerned family members, legistators, community leaders, activists, historians, educators, clergy and faith based communities is now more important than ever!

Emmett's voice is ringing out now, louder than ever. We have much to do. We hope to use this challenge to "flip the script" and motivate more to join in "Creating a Legacy of Hope" for all of us!

No Indictment in Emmett Till Slaying

No Indictment in Emmett Till Slaying

Published: February 27, 2007
Filed at 9:41 p.m. ET

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) -- All but closing the books on a crime that helped give rise to the civil rights movement, a grand jury has refused to bring any new charges in the 1955 slaying of Emmett Till, a black teenager who was beaten and shot after whistling at a white woman in the Mississippi Delta.

The district attorney in rural Leflore County had sought a manslaughter charge against the white woman, Carolyn Bryant Donham, who was suspected of pointing out Till to her husband to punish the boy for what was a grave offense in the segregated South.

But the grand jury last Friday issued a ''no bill,'' meaning it found insufficient evidence, according to documents made public Tuesday. Federal authorities decided last year not to prosecute anyone, saying the statute of limitations for federal charges had run out. Mississippi authorities represented the last, best hope of bringing someone to justice. No one has ever been convicted in the slaying.

''You're looking at Mississippi. I guess it's about the same way it was 50 years ago,'' said a disappointed Simeon Wright, 64, a black man who heard his cousin whistle. ''We had overwhelming evidence, and they came back with the same decision. Some of the people haven't changed from 50 years ago. Same attitude. The evidence speaks for itself.''

He added: ''I don't know how many years I have left on this Earth. We can leave this world and say, `Hey, we tried. We tried to get some justice in this, and we failed.'''

Till, a 14-year-old boy visiting from Chicago, was kidnapped from his uncle's home in the town of Money and killed after he wolf-whistled at Donham, a shopkeeper at the Bryant Grocery & Meat Market.

Three days later, his mutilated body was found in the muddy Tallahatchie River, weighted down with a cotton gin fan. His left eye was missing, and his right eye was dangling on his cheek. The body was identified only by a ring he was wearing.

His mother, Mamie Till-Mobley, who died in 2003, held an open-casket funeral in Chicago, and a photograph of Till's disfigured face in Jet Magazine had a powerful effect on public opinion, letting the world see what was happening in the South.

Roy Bryant, Donham's husband, and his half brother, J.W. Milam, were acquitted of the crime by an all-white jury in 1955. The two men later confessed in an interview with Look magazine. Both are now dead.

The FBI reopened the case in 2004 but decided in 2006 not to press charges. The case was turned over to local prosecutors, with the FBI suggesting they take a closer look at Donham. Some witnesses said a woman's voice could be heard at the scene of the abduction.
David Beito, a history professor at the University of Alabama who has researched the case extensively, said Tuesday there is probably no one else left to arrest in the case. He said it is hard to underestimate the importance of the Till case, which took place the same year as the Montgomery, Ala., bus boycott.

''It gave a jump-start to the civil rights movement,'' he said. ''It did not create the civil rights movement, but it made it more into a mass movement. It really mobilized people.''
Donham, who remarried, is now 73 and has declined interviews. A telephone number for her was disconnected Tuesday.

District Attorney Joyce Chiles, a black woman who grew up near where the killing took place, was in court Tuesday and not immediately available for comment.

Wright said: ''J.W. Milam and Roy Bryant died with Emmett Till's blood on their hands. And it looks like everyone else who was involved is going to do the same. They had a chance to come clean. They will die with Emmett Till's blood on their hands.''

Horace Harned, 86, a former Mississippi legislator and member of the Sovereignty Commission, a state agency that worked clandestinely to preserve segregation, said he was glad to see no charges filed. He said the suggestions that Donham had a role in the crime are ''a bunch of foolishness.''

''Of course, I don't believe in murder. That's the wrong thing. It always backfires on you. That shouldn't have happened,'' he said. But he added: ''You can't correct all the ills of the past. If we did, the Southerners were treated much worse than anybody back in the Civil War.''
AP National Writer Allen G. Breed contributed to this story from Raleigh, N.C.
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