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Remembering Emmett Till: Keeping The Legacy Alive 59 years later! Legacy Luncheon Thursday, Aug 28, 2014 Jackson, MS

St. John Divine Missionary Baptist Church and the Pensacola Branch of the NAACP will sponsor two events promoting racial unity in Pensacola On Monday, August 25th at 6:00 p.m.and Wednesday, August 27th at 6:00 p.m.

Media Contact:
Dr. Eurydice Stanley
(612) 888-7934

St. John Divine Missionary Baptist Church and the Pensacola Branch of the NAACP will sponsor two events promoting racial unity in Pensacola this week. On Monday, August 25th at 6:00 p.m., the Pensacola NAACP Youth Council will host an event open to youth (ages 5-18) on the campus of St. John Divine Missionary Baptist Church, 620 E. Jordan Street in Pensacola.  A separate event geared for adults will be offered Wednesday, August 27th at 6:00 p.m. in the same location. 

The guest speaker will be Deborah Watts, Founder of the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation (ETLF) and Till family member. Emmett Till was lynched on August 28th, 1955.  His murder was among events that spurred the modern civil rights movement. The Till Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a legacy of hope and building a bridge from the past to the present and future in memory of Till and in honor of his Mother, Mamie Till Mobley. Both events will take place during a very critical week for Watts, as August 28th marks the 59th anniversary of Till's lynching. "August 28, 1955 set America, activists, artists, our youth, faith leaders and other emerging leaders on a course for much needed change in this country," said Watts. “The need continues.” Watts will facilitate the documentary, “Who Killed Emmett Till?” assisted by NAACP members.

Dr. John Veasley, President of the Pensacola Branch of the NAACP, sees the events as a means to identify strategies to better unify the Pensacola community. "We are providing two forums to best reach each target audience,” he said. "Our goal is to address the concerns of each group in a way that is most conducive to their understanding, collaboration, and most importantly, action.” 

The scheduled unity events are timely in the wake of the recent fatal shootings of Mike Brown and Kajieme Powell, young African American men, at the hands of white police officers in Missouri.  The international protests of these murders continue to hold the world captive. Brown will be laid to rest Monday, August 25th at 10 a.m. 

"I do not believe that it is by chance that our ‘Time for Unity’ events have fallen during the current crisis in Missouri," said Dr. Joseph Marshall, Pastor of St. John Divine Missionary Baptist Church.  "Now is the time for us to come together. We encourage all participants to come and communicate openly with the goal of better understanding one another. We will offer a safe, loving and supportive forum designed to maintain our focus on the most important issue - unity.” 

On Thursday, supporters are encouraged to wear black and white attire as a protest against hate, violence and racism. The symbolic clothing will represent a silent, yet powerful way to show personal commitment and remembrance of those lost in the fight for freedom. The Emmett Till  LegacyFoundation requests pictures posted on personal social media networks using the hashtags #NEVERAGAINEmmettTill or #RememberEmmettTill, as well as on the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emmett-Till-Legacy-Foundation/138927669624

For more information about Pensacola’s “A Time for Unity in Black and White” events, contact Dr. Eurydice Stanley, Pensacola Unity (ETLF) Ambassador at (612) 888-7934, or St. John Divine Missionary Baptist Church at (850) 432-0568.  For more information about the Emmett Till Legacy Foundation or to make donations to the scholarship fund, please visit www.emmetttilllegacyfoundation.com.
WUWF Article on event and interview click hear: http://wuwf.org/post/pensacola-events-designed-promote-racial-unity

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A CALL FOR PRESENTATION PROPOSALS: For the 2015 "Loving From The Inside Out" a Women's Empowerment Symposium

For the March 28, 2015, Loving From The Inside Out (LFTIO) Women's Empowerment Symposium to be held in Pensacola, Florida.

Looking for women of color presenters who are experts in their field, have an inspiring and empowering story to tell and can effectively address the issues that challenge women today: health, wealth, safety/security, career and relationships. Women who can passionately provide information that will nurture and strengthen the core areas of our focus: “Inside the mind”, “Inside the body“ and or “Inside the spirit” of the women who attend.

If the above describes you….then you are a perfect match! We need you for the March 28, 2015 symposium and or possibly in the future!

This is an excellent opportunity for those willing to share their story, time and talents with other sisters. We provide you with a great place and platform to reach and help women of color, make breakthroughs in their lives, engage with others, heal, grow and find love!

LFTIO Presentation proposals are due no later than Friday October 30, 2014.
Each LFTIO Presentation Submission should be for a total of 55 min = 40 min presentation with 15 min engagement/Q&A. Please send and include:
• Presenter’s Name:
• Current Title or Position:
• Contact Information (address, city, state, zip, email address and day, evening telephone numbers and cell)
• Title of presentation:
• a Brief description of presentation include (what it will include, why is it relevant and the benefits to the attendees and intended target audience)
• Other places where the presentation has been given, include any testimonials or references
• 1 page Bio
• Audio/visual needs
Email your proposal or submission to: info@emmetttilllegacyfoundation.com
Place "I want to be a LFTIO PRESENTER in the subject line. Thanks.

Check out the event here! https://www.facebook.com/events/291886160985357/

We look forward to hearing from you! Feel free to share with others who may be interested!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

HONOR A SPECIAL WOMAN IN YOUR LIFE #SpiritOfMamieTillMobley #CourageOfMamieTillMobley

#SpiritOfMamieTillMobley #CourageOfMamieTillMobley

Nominate her for the 2015 Woman of Courage award!
(to be presented on March 28, 2015 during LFTIO in Pensacola, Florida, during the "Woman of Courage" Awards Luncheon held during "Loving From The Inside Out", the Woman's Empowerment Symposium, at New World Landing, 600 Palafox Street, Pensacola, Florida.

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS! Please nominate by the deadline, October 30, 2014.

Do you know a "Woman of Courage"?...Some one who has qualities like Mamie Till Mobley, the mother of Emmett Till.  Her unselfish decision to have an open casket funeral for her only 14 year old son, sparked the civil rights movement, sent a "charge of out rage" and touched the hearts and minds of those around the world!

Here are the qualities we are looking for. Please Nominate>>>>

■A woman who has demonstrated the ability and resolve to transform tragedy, disappointment, heartbreak and or loss into " a lasting legacy of courage and hope".

■ A woman who has moved beyond the ordinary to do... the extraordinary by making strides to move forward while engaging in action when most others would not. 

■ A woman whose unselfish actions, spirit, and complexities, motivates and inspires others.

Think of the names of women , whose act of courage makes them stand out among others. (These women could be well known to many or an unsung shero to others.)

Nomination deadline October 30, 2014. Please send in now!:
+ Give us the name and contact info (tel no. and email address) of your nominee and tell us why you think your nominee should receive this award. Please include a description of her actions and/or qualities (refer to description of qualities) that make her a great nominee.

+ Nominations Deadline: OCTOBER 30, 2014 

+ Send nominations via email to info@emmetttilllegacyfoundation.com

+ Place "Woman Of Courage" Award nomination in the subject line.

+ Include your name and contact info.

Again, Have your friends from all across the country LIKE our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Emmett-Till-Legacy-Foundation/138927669624 join the event on facebook so you don't miss future announcements


On behalf of The Board of Directors, Ambassadors. And Circle Of Women of the: Emmett Till Legacy Foundation .#SpiritOfMamieTillMobley #CourageOfMamieTillMobley

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